(C) Altaf Qadri/YPJK

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Save Hangul Campaign

Youth Parliament of J&K a registered international youth organization has setup the theme project i.e., Wildlife Conservation Fund (WCF), with the Save Hangul Campaign.

The majestic Hangul or Kashmir Stag (cervus elaphus hanglu) is a powerful symbol of the very future of Kashmir.

Kashmiri Stag or Hangul is now only spotted within 141 sq km of the Dachigam National Park, outskirts of Srinagar of Kashmir Valley and its population reduced to less than 200.

The Hangul was known to be in an uncertain status and was listed in the IUCN Red Data Book.

“If the government does not wake up from its slumber and take emergency measures, the last of the hangul may be seen in another five years,” a wildlife officer, who was part of the recent census.

Let us come forward to save the endangered Hangul which is calling us,